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*** CHANGES FOR 2023 ***

  1. All players must have a USGA handicap... All participants must have a GHIN # through either a private club, public men's club, or an associate club. I will not take a handicap through a website or app that is not an official handicap through one of the above entities. Please make sure you join one of these ASAP so you can start building your scores up.

  2. All Players must play and post scores for at least five rounds in 2023 before July 1st... This is only a round per month so this is doable. Please make sure you post your scores for every round so you have an accurate handicap. If I get word that someone isn't posting all their scores, I will come up with a "McDuff Handicap"  for you. I will also be taking into consideration previous McDuff  tournament scores if I feel I need to make handicaps more "competitive".

  3. All players must pay for and participate in all daily and team money games... By making the games mandatory, this allows me to customize what events get the most pool money based on what games are played the most (i.e. net events will get more in their pools than gross events). It also saves me time when it comes to deleting players from events they normally wouldn't get into. Lastly, some people will thank me because every year a few guys miss out on quite a bit of money because they didn't sign up for a particular game. 

  4. All payments will now be done in advance... Payments for the entry fee have always been in advance but, starting this year, we will also request contest money to be sent in advance. Since I no longer pay cash out right after the round is over (too many players now), this is unnecessary. Now, instead of collecting money at the Welcome Party, I will save everyone some time and just have it sent to me electronically or by check by July 14th.

  5. The Team Competition is expanding... The Team Game used to be solely based on golf scores. Moving forward, we will be incorporating the Putting Contest (which is now part of the Skills Competition along with a new Chipping Contest) and the Par 3 Contest. Since the golf scores are most important, we will use 100% of the golf scores and we will use 50% of the putting/chipping scores and 50% of all the Par 3 scores when determining the overall Team Champion.

  6. We have added an eight player PLAYER VS PLAYER competition... This is a daily game where every player competes against the other seven players in their group in a lowest net score game. All the "A" players from each team will play each other, all the "B" players from each team will play each other, and so on. The player who shoots the lowest NET SCORE in their grouping each day will win a predetermined amount.

  7. We will have a GROSS DIVISION winner this year... The overall McDuff Champion will still solely be based on net scores but I will be paying out five places for the lowest gross scores moving forward. 

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