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  1. *** IMPORTANT *** ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE AN OFFICIAL USGA HANDICAP... All participants must have a GHIN # through either a private club, public men's club, or an associate club. I will not take a handicap through a website or app that is not an official handicap through one of the above entities. Please make sure you join one of these ASAP so you can start building your scores up.

  2. *** IMPORTANT *** ALL PLAYERS MUST PLAY AND POST SCORES FOR AT LEAST FIVE ROUNDS IN 2024 BEFORE JULY 1ST... This is only a round per month so this is doable. Please make sure you post your scores for every round so you have an accurate handicap. If I get word that someone isn't posting all their scores, I will come up with a "McDuff Handicap"  for you. I will also be taking into consideration previous McDuff  tournament scores if I feel I need to make handicaps more "competitive".

  3. *** NEW *** IN AN EFFORT TO SPEED UP PLAY, WE ARE INSTITUTING A MAX STROKES PER HOLE DURING THE FIRST TWO ROUNDS OF THE TOURNAMENT... With the increase in players over the past couple of years, we have seen the length of time to complete the rounds increase as well. Last year, rounds were pushing and sometimes exceeding six hours. This year, we are going to try to get the round times down by capping the number of physical strokes a player can take per hole. This will take place during the first two rounds and then the last two rounds will be played normally. Here is how it will work:

    1. On all Par 3's, there will be a max of 6 physical strokes​

    2. On all Par 4's, there will be a max of 7 physical strokes

    3. On all Par 5's, there will be a max of 8 physical strokes​​

        After the max strokes have been reached, if a player hasn't holed out, they would pick their          ball up and then add 1 - 2 strokes based on where they are on the hole:

           1. If a player is on the green after the max stroke is taken, they will add 1 more stroke

           2. If a player is NOT on the green after the max stroke is taken, they will add 2 more                                strokes

        (So, for example, if a player chips his 7th stroke onto a Par 4 green and it stops 5 feet from            the hole, the player would pick his ball up and write an 8 on their scorecard. If the player                chips his 7th stroke across the green into the rough on the other side, they would pick their          ball up and write a 9 on their scorecard since they are off the green after their 7th stroke)

    4. *** NEW *** WE ARE SPLITTING THE GROUP INTO THREE FLIGHTS AND THERE WILL BE              NO CUT LINE THIS YEAR... Feedback from the group the last few years have said guys                    would like to break the tournament and games into flights. We will still be crowning an                    overall McDuff Champion and a McDuff Team Champion but money will be mostly won                    within each flight. We will also be removing the cut line from the event since there are now            40 players per flight instead of one flight with 120 players.

   5. *** NEW *** WE HAVE ADDED AN ADDITIONAL SET OF TEES THIS YEAR... We are now                    offering a COMBO SET OF TEES which are shorter than the white tees but longer than the            red tees for those players over 60 yrs of age and that average 200 yards or less off the tee.            In order to play from these tees, you would need to reach out to Mike Smoot and explain                why you should play from these tees. 

   6. *** NEW *** WE ARE TEEING OFF AT 7:30AM THIS YEAR... Even though we are teeing off                earlier to beat the heat, please make sure to drink plenty of water and Gatorade so you stay          hydrated.

    7. *** NEW *** WE HAVE ADDED A NEW COURSE THIS YEAR... Black Desert Golf Course is a            new course that was opened in April 2023 and is getting rave reviews. It will be hosting a                PGA Tour event in October 2024 and will host an LPGA event in 2025. We were able to                      secure a great rate for what is normally a $300 per person round. All the food and                              beverages (except alcohol) is included from the time we arrive until we leave so keep that in          mind for breakfast and lunch that day.  

     8. *** NEW *** THE PUTTING CONTEST WILL BE HELD "DURING" THE FIRST ROUND THIS                YEAR... When groups finish the 18th hole (the old 9th hole) at Coral Canyon, they will stop            at the putting green where they will putt through the 9 hole course four times. They will                  write their total score on their scorecard in the space designated and then they will                            continue onto the 1st hole (the old 10th hole). After the round, the tournament director will          email out the scores and will invite the top 4 players from each team back at 7PM for the                Putting Playoffs and Championship. All the players that participate in the playoffs will start          at $20 and will win incrementally more as they win their match play matches. 

    9. *** NEW *** THE MONEY HOLE WILL NOW BE PROGRESSIVE... When a player wins                          this contest for the first time during the tournament, they will win what the hole is worth. If          the same player wins this contest in Round 2, they will win 2x what the hole is worth. If the              same player wins the contest during Round 3, they will win 3x what the hole is worth. If the            same player wins the contest during Round 4, they will win 5x what the hole is worth. If at              any time a player doesn't win the contest, they drop back down to 1x what the hole is worth          the next time they win the contest.

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