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1. *** UPDATED*** THE PUTTING CONTEST - The Putting Contest is now part of the Skills Contest which is a now part of the Team Competition. We will still crown a Putting Champion at the conclusion of the Putting Contest but there are also team points that will be given to each team based on final placement in the contest. There will be a nine-hole course set up on the putting green and all players will putt through the course three times for a total of 27 holes. If you make the putt on holes 1-8, you score one point. The 9th hole is worth two points. Once your team putts through the course, we will announce the top four players from your team and they will compete in the semifinals with the top four putters from the other teams. Once all teams have putted, we will reset the blocks and the four semifinalists from the eight teams will putt through the course three more times for a total of 27 holes. The top putter from each team will make it to the finals and will putt through the course three more times for a total of 27 holes. The player with the highest score will be declared the 2023 McDuff Putting Champion and will score their team points toward their team total along with a bonus point for winning the event. Second thru eighth place will also receive points for their team but the higher the finish, the more points their team receives.  In the case of a tie at the end of any round, we will have a match play putt off. A coin will be flipped to determine who goes first and we will alternate who goes first after each hole. If a player makes a putt and the other player misses the same putt, the player who made the putt can advance if, on the next hole, they either make the putt or the other player misses the putt.

*** UPDATED *** TEAM COMPETITION– Each player will be assigned to one of eight teams before the start of the tournament. Each team will consist of 15 players. Every round, the top 12 scores from each team will determine the team's score for that day. Each winning team member who’s score counted towards the daily score will receive $30 each and the players scores that didn’t count will receive $15 each. At the end of all four rounds, we will crown an overall Team Champion and all of the winning team members will receive $100 each. *** New for 2023 *** - We have now added a Chipping Contest that will be played in conjunction with the Putting Contest that will make up the Skills Competition that will count towards the overall Team Competition scoring. Rings will be placed on the chipping green with scoring markers to show the point totals for chipping it on the green, chipping it within the first ring, chipping it within the second ring, and chipping it in the hole.  All players from each team will chip three balls from two locations around the green to determine their score.  To determine the overall Team Competition Champion, we will take 100% of the golf scoring points and 25% each of the Skills Competition points and the Par 3 Contest points. FYI - In order to qualify for the Team Competition payout, you must be present and participate in the Skills Competition. Failure to participate will forfeit your winnings. Your share will be split up amongst your teammates. 

3. *** UPDATED*** PAR 3 CONTEST – During each round, any player scoring at least 4 points by hitting the Par 3 greens in regulation will each win $10. The player(s) that score the most points per round by hitting the Par 3 greens in regulation will receive/split the money that was not won back by the remaining players.  *** New for 2023 *** - The daily Par 3 Contests will contribute to the overall Team Competition points when crowning the McDuff Team Winner.

4. *** NEW*** 8 PLAYER VS PLAYER CONTEST... This is a daily game where every player competes against seven players in their "group" in a lowest net score game. All the "A" players (the lowest handicapped players) from each team will play each other, all the "B" players (the second lowest handicapped players) from each team will play each other, and so on. The player who shoots the lowest NET SCORE in their grouping each day will win a predetermined amount.

4. SKINS GAMES – These will be going on during all four rounds and we will have a gross and a net division.

MONEY HOLE – There will be one hole per course that is picked to be the money hole (usually it’s the hardest hole from the previous year). Anyone that gets a birdie or better with their pops for that hole (net birdie) will win a percentage of the pool depending on how many others did the same.

6. THE "2's" GAME – During each round, any player scoring a gross "2" on any hole will win a percentage of the pot divided by the number of "2's" scored that round.

CLOSEST TO THE PIN – We will have two closest to the pin contests at each course. Player closest to the pin for each hole will receive $50.

HOLE IN ONE – Any player getting a HOLE IN ONE during the tournament will receive the HOLE IN ONE pot. If we have multiple HOLE IN ONE's, the pot will be split. There was no winner last year so the $208 carried over to this year. At $2 per player times 120 players this year, the total in this year's pot is $448.

All games are weighted by the number of players that usually play in each game. As such, the net games will all have a bit more in the pool than the gross games to make it fair for all players. Not to say we haven't seen a high handicapper win a gross skin but since all games are now mandatory for all golfers, I wanted to make winning money equal across the board.

Total cost to participate in all events - $150
(Contest Money is due by July 14th)

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