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1. Drink plenty of water during the entire time you are in St. George. Hydration is the key to not cramping up or getting heat stroke in the dry summer heat of the desert.

2. Please turn in all scorecards to the director as soon as your round is over. Do not take them with you. I need all of them to input the scores and to calculate all of the contest winners. 

3. Please leave all carts in the staging area before the round.  Do not move them until we are ushered out to our holes.



1. When is the absolute last day to turn in my entry fee? 
Friday, June 2nd is the drop dead date. This is also the last day to back out of the tournament with a full refund. After this date, we are locked into our numbers to the courses so I have to pay for you even if you are not attending.

2. Can I change what tees I am playing during the tournament?
Unfortunately, no. All handicaps are calculated and locked in for specific tees and are printed on scorecards and entered on spreadsheets so please be sure you choose wisely when the questionnaire email is sent out.

3. Will I play all four rounds with guys I know? 
I always do my best to pair you up with at least one person you are familiar with but every so often, it doesn't work out that way. The first three rounds' pairings are set up before the tournament so you will know before you get to the event who you are paired with. The final round is set up like the PGA Tour in that I set up the pairings after the third round. 1st place - 4th place will tee off together, 5th place - 8th place will tee off together, etc. I will always slightly manipulate the lower placed players to try and pair them with friends but there is no guarantee. 

4. What time should I book my flight out of Vegas?
The final round is a little slow with everyone grinding so I wouldn't book any flight before 5pm to be safe. You do save an hour driving back to Vegas but traffic can back up on Sunday afternoons. 


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