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All games and prize money will be divided equally between the three flights. The top 20 players in each flight will win end of the event prize money with the overall McDuff Champion winning the top prize of $1000. Money will be  distributed at two different times:

1. You will be handed an envelope before your final round that has a portion of your winnings up to that point

2. At the end of the tournament (by the same means that you sent me your entry fee i.e. VENMO, PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, or check), I will send you your remaining winnings unless you instruct me to send it another way. It will take approx. three weeks to get all the money sent out due to caps made by VENMO but it will be quicker than in year's past.

There will be a running total on the website that you can check at any time. It will always show the amount won for the day, in what event(s) you won money, and your running total for the tournament. If you ever have any questions regarding your total, always come up to me and ask or text or email me at 916-257-0388 or

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