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1. THIS IS MEANT TO BE A FUN TOURNAMENT. Everyone is here to have a great time so don’t take this too seriously. This is friendly competition so don’t ruin your trip or anyone else’s trying to be too intense. Please be courteous to your fellow players and treat everyone with respect. If you feel the need to complain, please call someone not attending the tournament to get things off your chest. None of the players at the event want to hear anything other than positive, fun banter. Listening to someone complain is a downer and everyone just wants to play golf, hang with the fellas, and talk about what a blast they're having. If you have any issues or complaints about a fellow player, please let Mike Smoot know after the round.

2. PUTT EVERYTHING OUT! NO GIMMIES! No gimmies means ever… please putt all putts until they are holed. Please decline any “that one is good” comments. Thanks for your cooperation.


3. RANGE FINDERS WITH SLOPE IS OK. Using the slope function on your laser device is OK but please do not use green reading books or devices. 


4. PLEASE PLAY QUICK AND STAY UP WITH THE GROUP AHEAD OF YOU. Every year we have this conversation before every round so I thought I’d add it to the rules. We all must do our part to play ready golf and to play as quick as possible. I know we all grind a bit harder in tournaments but none of us are professionals so please try and be ready to play when it’s your turn. If possible, have your yardage and club pulled and be ready if you are next to play. You don’t have to be the quickest in your group but please don’t be the slowest. You have to do all you can to stay up with group ahead of you. If you fall behind a hole, you must do all you can to catch up. Playing quick makes the rounds more enjoyable for everyone and we are all about having as much fun as possible here at the McDuff.

5. WE ARE USING THE TWO-CLUB RULE FOR BALLS HIT INTO THE DESERT. If you hit your ball into the desert but it’s within two club lengths from any obvious grass/desert edge (fairway or rough) or any paved cart path, you may play the ball as it lies with no penalty. You my never touch your ball if it's in the desert and you must play it no matter your stance or the position of your ball. If your ball is anywhere on top of a paved cart path, you may drop it on either side of the cart path with no penalty.


If you decide to take an unplayable lie, you may do one of two things:


a. Move the ball out of the desert and drop it within two club lengths of where your ball entered the desert (no closer to the hole) with a one stroke penalty

b. Take a drop anywhere straight back to the tee in the rough or fairway with a one stroke penalty

If you hit your ball into the desert and it’s outside the two club lengths, you MUST pick up your ball and drop the ball within two club lengths of where your ball entered the desert or anywhere straight back to the tee from that point with a one stroke penalty or re-tee your tee shot or take a drop from where you hit the ball from with a one stroke penalty. We are playing everything as a lateral hazard including out of bounds stakes.

6. LOST BALLS IN THE FAIRWAY. If your group determines that a ball is lost in the fairway (not the rough) from tee to green, take a drop where everyone thinks the ball should be with a one stroke penalty. All other lost balls would require a drop at the point at which the ball was played from.

7. TIE-BREAKERS. If there is a tie for the final spot in the Championship Flight after round two, we will go to the scorecards and add up the scores for the #1 handicap holes from both rounds one and two and the player(s) with the lowest score will move into the Championship Flight while the others will drop into the Consolation Flight. If there is still a tie after looking at the #1 handicap hole, we will move to the #2 handicap hole for the two rounds and so on until there is a winner. If there is a tie in the Championship Flight after the final round is complete, those that are ties for first will have a 5-hole putt off. The player who negotiates the course in the least number of strokes will be declared the winner. If there is still a tie, we will have a one-hole chip off and the player who chips their ball the closest to the hole will be declared the winner. If there is a tie in the Consolation Flight after the final round, we will declare co-Consolation Flight winners and will add up the money for first and second and we’ll split it.

8. PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING IN ALL SITUATIONS. Be considerate of all your playing partners and have a great time. Do whatever you can to help them out. You can actually make this one of the highlights of your summer or you can decide to make yourself and others miserable (AND NOT BE INVITED BACK). Again, this is supposed to be a fantastic time playing golf so smile, laugh, and enjoy the courses and the company.


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