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The McDuff Invitational is a fully handicapped, stroke play event with a cut after the second round. The top 50% of the group will make the cut into the Championship Flight and will be playing for approx. 80% of the prize pool. In the Championship flight, all four rounds count towards the crowning of the 2022 McDuff Invitational Champion. The bottom 50% of the group will miss the cut and will drop into the Consolation Flight and will play for the remaining 20% or so of the prize pool. In the Consolation Flight, the first two rounds will be thrown out and only the last two rounds will count towards determining the winner of the Consolation Flight. 

As usual, we are offering tee choices for all golfers that have a handicap of 10.0 or higher. You will have the choice of playing the white or similar 
tees or the blue or similar tees with extra strokes due to the higher course rating from the blue or similar tees. Each individual handicap will be adjusted depending on the tee location that you decide to play from. Whatever you choose, there is no changing it during the tournament. If you are a 9.9 handicap or lower, you must play from the blue or similar tees unless you are over 60 years of age in which case you have the option of playing from the either sets of tees.

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